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Danilo Gomez Añonuevo
Danny Añonuevo and Jerry Gracio

What is the measure of true friendship? Jamir, a devout Muslim, and Lando, a Christian, are among an elite group of young recruits formed by military officers for a classified operation. These impressionable young men would undergo intense and grueling training that put their will and strength of character to the test. Amidst all the hardships, these men set aside their differences and became brothers. But what happens when the institution they have sworn to protect becomes the wedge that will tear their brotherhood apart?

Sgt. Manuel Lapuz : Emilio Garcia

Jamir Alura : Joem Bascon

Lando Dela Cruz : JM De Guzman

Ben Ismael :  Alwyn Uytingco

Omar Mahadin : Dominic Roco

Ulfi Manjanay :  Alchris Galura

Ghani Ahmad : CJ Ramos

Nikanor Tuglao : Manuel Chua Jr.

Col. Mariano : Archi Adamos

Waldo Palaypay : Rob Sy

Writer/Director Danilo Gomez Añonuevo

Screenplay Danny Añonuevo and Jerry Gracio

Director of Photography Gary Gardoce

Additional Cinematography Tom Redoble

Executive Producer Tess Añonuevo

Line Producer Krisma Fajardo

Production Designer Dante Nico Garcia

Assistant Director Lawrence Fajardo

Production Manager Rey Carlos Santos

Art Directors Armand Samonte; Honorio Santiago; Rober Robles Editor Danny Añonuevo

Sound Albert Michael Idioma Music Teresa Barozzo